Trinity, Bowdoin Combat Bias

March has proven to be the cruelest month for NESCAC students targeted by hate speech.

An article dated March 8th in The Trinity Tripod online edition reports that a racist slur was discovered on the door of an anonymous Trinity student.

This incident coincides with an incident reported in the March 4th edition of The Bowdoin Orient, in which four roommates’ white board was vandalized with homophobic and racist language.

In an e-mail to Trinity students, Safety Office Assistant Jorge Lugo called the incident “cowardly and despicable,” while Bowdoin College President Barry Mills commented to the Orient, “There are not a lot of words that are fit for the newspaper that can express [how] disappointed [I am] in whoever did it.”

Comments on the Tripod website reference a similar incident in 2009, in which the white board of a gay student was deliberately targeted with homophobic slurs and sexually explicit drawings.

Bowdoin students expressed frustration and disappointment, at what was apparently the latest blow in a year of verbal harassment towards students from cars driving near the Brunswick campus. It is unclear what the Trinity campus has done in reaction to the door defacement. According to The Orient’s daily blog The Orient Express, Bowdoin students staged a demonstration to reaffirm their community’s values before leaving for Spring Break.

Both incidents are currently under investigation.

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