10 casual lax pinny slogans that never made it out of the factory…


en ruit to LAX

  1.  “Thanks for finally giving this back, sorry I left it on your floor”                                             
  2. “pro- Abrotion”
  3. “Band of Brewthers”
  4. “Make Me Ascend Witch”
  5. “I Win… with Sheen Splints”
  6. “Momma’s Boy Seeking Daddy’s Girl”
  7. “Leave a pinny, take a pinny”
  8. “This Laxasaurus Bones”
  9. “Baked A Laxah”
  10. this one simply comes with the front pre- stained…in the shape of your home state

Worth a revisit to Brantford Winstonworth…

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