The Campus Bucket List

The “To do before I graduate” list isn’t exactly a bucket list.  After all, graduating college isn’t the same as death—though it is the end of life as we know it.

Paul Rieckhoff 98 offered the Amherst class of 2013 his take on 50 things to do before graduating. A similar list was generated by members of the Hamilton Alumni Leadership Training (HALT) program, while the Bowdoin Student Government maintains a time- tested list of 50 which they distribute annually.

As the class of 2011 prepares to enter the final stretch of their college career, here are some of our favorite campus To- do’s…


See lots of live music

Watch the stars from the roof of the Octagon Building…it’s not easy to get to

Learn about Robert Frost

Go sledding on a food tray from the dining hall

Read the names on the war memorial

Write a letter to the editor of the student newspaper


Attend a Bowdoin/ Colby hockey game

Take a nap on the quad

Go Polar Bearing (run naked into the ocean)

Visit Acadia National Park

Build an igloo




Try alternative spring break

Attend an a capella concert

Visit the President of the college during her office hours

Watch at least one episode of VH-1’s I Love the ’90s on a sparkling new Fitness Center treadmill.

 Also, check out this HerCampus article on college traditions:

And a funny yet poignant graduation speech from Amherst’s senior speaker for the class of 2010, Miss Maryam Khan:

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