Spring Break music, the “Best” list




Best mash- up:

Stereo Hands- White Panda

Mean Planes and Taylor Gangs- Brenton Duvall

Best Alternative:

Howl- Florence and the Machine 

 Cape Cod Kwassa KwassaVampire Weekend

Best chill music:

Symphonies- Dan Black

Love Like a Sunset Part II- Phoenix

Best party song:

What You Know About Little Secrets- White Panda

Best song you’ve never heard of:

Hannah- Freelance Whales

Verona- Geographer

Best song that never gets old:

Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

Black and Yellow- Wiz

Best song your parents partied to:

Holiday- Madonna

Best packing song:

Up and Away- Kid Cudi

Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco

Best feel good:

So Nice So Smart- Kimya Dawson

Dance or Die- Janelle Monae ft. Saul Williams

Best dubstep:  

Boombox- Bassnectar

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