Mules fall short on Gender Resources

Based on coverage in The Colby Echo of a forum entitled “Gender, Women, and Power,” as well as our own research, it would seem that Colby College is the only school in The ‘Cac without a Women’s Resource Center or similar physical space to address gender issues, including LGBTQ concerns.

The following is a clip from the Echo piece:

Berol Dewdney ‘13, the College’s first gender and sexual diversity student resource officer, suggested that the College develop a women’s resource center. This center would provide resources for women who struggle with issues of gender discrimination and sexual aggression. Dewdney recognized that the ambitious project would require a large financial commitment from the College, but she emphasized that there was an overwhelming need for such a center.

Dewdney suggested that students take the initiative to raise funds for the project. However, she also encourages the administration to match the funds procured by students. “A matching system would be a sign of partnership and concrete initiative taken by all parties involved. It would be all around a step in the right direction,” Dewdney said. 

Large financial commitment, of course. But most Women’s Resource Centers are converted college houses, and you have to wonder how much money Colby has put into keeping up with The ‘Cac in all other instances. The drive to have the best athletic facilities in The ‘Cac is the freaking space race all over again. Perhaps Colby doesn’t realize how far it has fallen behind this time…

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