Twas the first day of spring

Twas the first day of Spring and all through The ‘Cac

The squirrels were planning new means of attack

Knowing the students soon would return

With stories, new piercings, and some a sunburn.

Photo credit Elodie Reed, Amherst

A few would be mourning lost shakers of salt

Others their dignity under assault

Many would spend their spare minutes untagging

While obnoxious roommates of golf scores were bragging.

The quad would be teeming with robins and mud

Seeping into Sperry’s like thick tigerblood

The fashion forward trading ugly sweaters for seersucker

If the “nirt” catches on, well then all the luckier.

dude, nix the sweater, Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst


Tales of SB intercourse are well- fabricated

While sore athletes concur that time- off is overrated

The tea parties had by those who stayed home

Outlast outrageous fun had by partiers in Rome.

Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst


Some watched West Wing reruns and taught themselves guitar

Others slept all day or played DDR

Hid behind displays from old high school teachers

Twittered the NCAA finals from the bleachers.

Now brave souls return to homework while others just pretend

 In heady anticipation of that first week’s end

Visions of Natty Ice dance in their heads

While wondering why anyone would pick the SEC instead.

Of course they’ll remember by Saturday brunch

That a fishbowl without Greek life can be quite a crunch

Those driven by that need for sexual healing

Spend Sunday getting in touch with their intellectual feeling.

We proclaim: At last grass! And not just the kind in a bong!

Break out the ukulele, let’s have us a song!

Write poetry with haste on your dining hall naps,

Speak verse to renewal you incorrigible saps!

Slip into a sundress and skip off with ease

Let your bleached hockey hair blow in the breeze

Don’t just watch Robin Williams proclaim “carpe diem,”

Grab your frisbees and your mitts( you’ve got balls so free them!)

On Polar Bears, on Mules, on Jumbos, on Ephs

on Bobcats, on Continentals, on Camels, Lord Jeffs

Cardinals, Bantams, Panthers, thou loud boisterous crowd,

Merry Springtime to all… now make The ‘Cac proud!

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