All NESCAC Hockey Hair Team

Largely due to publicity on Barstool Sports, the following video has gone viral:

While watching the vague witticisms of a Minnesota teen with too much time on their hands we decided  to take a deep introspective glance at hockey hair in The ‘Cac. Obviously, we didn’t have enough time to go sorting through all the photo rosters to compile an All NESCAC Hockey Hair Team– but on the off- chance that we did…

And we’ll tell you off the bat there were a couple of stand- outs (it’s not personal, it’s just hair.) These are the guys that you can easily find at a party due to the wake of girls doing cartwheels… 

Best in Show:

Ben Contini ‘11, Williams

Nicholas Tierney ‘14, Trinity


Nick Craven ‘13

Todd Keats ‘11

Honorable Mention: Keith Buehler ’14 for exceptional side part


Matt Ohlheiser ‘11

Bobby Coppersmith ‘13


Alexander Milley ‘13

Daniel Weiniger ’13- Chester Arthur Award

Colby – also known as most homogenous hair

Honorable Mention: Matt Delaney ‘13


Eddie Effinger ‘12

Joe Brock ‘11- Something About Mary Award

Christopher Finch ‘14

Cole Anderson ‘11

Honorable Mention: Luke Arnold ‘11


Paul Steinig ‘14- Richard Simmons Award

Stephen Maier ‘12

Tucker Dayton ‘14

Mark Lyons ‘13

Honorable Mention: Sam Kurland ’14- Best Future Comb- Over Technique


Nicholas Anderson ‘14

Philip DiDonato ‘13

Evan Haney ‘14

Anthony Ruberto ‘13


Honorable Mention: Benjamin Coulthard ‘14

 Connecticut College

Tyler Osborne ‘14

Keith Veronesi ‘14


Louis Belisle ‘14

Chaz Svoboda ‘11


Dylan Plimmer ‘13

Igor Fedorov ‘12

Evan Story ‘12

Honorable Mention: Kyle Gallegos ‘14

It's tough to find a good stache like that these days...Photo Credit Bowdoin Bugle

4 thoughts on “All NESCAC Hockey Hair Team

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  2. I’d just like to point out a couple things from the hamilton team, haney is a ’14, didonato is a ’13, and it is supposed to be Williams, #29 a ’14, not Ruberto, #19 a ’13 who has very short hair. Thanks

  3. Well it’s a funny story…no actually we have no idea how we effed that up. The class years should be fixed. As for the Williams/ Ruberto debate, we actually quite like Ruberto’s hair. We just revisited the picture and 100% of females consulted said that they would love to fall on those spikes.

    The good news is that Williams has 3 more years to experiment with hair gel. And ,honestly, just between you and me Nick, Hamilton had a really good showing. We couldn’t highlight all of the qualified candidates because we had to pay some lipservice to shitshows like Colby.

    P.S. Do you do commercials?

  4. I would agree I looked at the pictures and found Tommys hair to be receeding and to cover it up grew his hair out. I think it was a great list with many contenders but in the end only the best made the cut.

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