The sting of March Madness

Ok, we’re just going to come out and say it: Division I athletics make us feel bad about ourselves.

This is The ‘Cac, and we do certain things very well, like finding connections between Shakespeare and Playboy and educating our fellow students about the merits of polenta.

But we don’t CRY about sports—we leave 5 minutes early if it’s a given loss. We don’t have body paint readily accessible next to the rotting apple on our bedside table. Sometimes, we even do homework at hockey matches.

So when we see the passion of DI fans and the way their home-states worship these athletes like demi- Gods frankly it stings a little bit…

 And that’s all we can say for now, because we have “something in our eye” and need to go find an index card to blow our nose on.

Here in The 'Cac we know we're different AND special

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