Masculinity in The ‘Cac

In The ‘Cac we pride ourselves on our open and inquisitive minds, but we are certainly not impervious to a wider American culture that designates certain areas of social life “hyper- masculine.”

Two of these hyper- masculine spaces were addressed this week: fraternities and athletics. Both Tufts and Bowdoin reaffirmed their commitment to making these spaces open for all gender expressions.

This article in The Tufts Daily highlights recent campus discussion regarding fraternities, including a lecture by Shane Windmeyer titled “Pledging Acceptance: The Intersection of LGBT and Greek Life at Tufts.”

Meanwhile, The Bowdoin Orient reports a visit by NHL GM Brian Burke as part of “Anything but Straight in Athletics” week. Burke visited with coaches and athletes and gave a public lecture.

"Contemplation" by Elodie Reed. Is there such a thing as a masculine space?

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