You asked for it…

Ok Amherst College, you can’t tweet THIS and play it off like it’s not attention seeking behavior…

We understand, everybody wants a piece of the glory– So, without further ado, from the site that brought you the All NESCAC Hockey Hair Team we bring you:


“The Annual Lord Jeffrey Amherst Blanketed Lip Awards”*


Sam Jakimo ‘12

The verdict: A subtle ginger fuzz, like the underbelly of a moderately poisonous caterpillar


Cole Cherney ‘12

The verdict: Luigi, with a dash of San Quentin


Brian McFeeley ‘12

The verdict: You just don’t see stache girth like that anymore


Alex Fox ‘12

The verdict: Sloppy punch drinker, foxy effect nonetheless


Gabe Mann ‘11

The verdict: Is that…calico?


Paul Zoidis ‘14

The verdict: A controversial inclusion to be sure,

but we just can’t shake the feeling that this is a naked and psychologically

confused upper lip

that is literally convinced it is a mustache.


Pat Moroney ‘14

The verdict: Bird tracks quite frankly


Parker Holcomb ‘11

The verdict: Makes us want to sing the National Anthem


 Duncan Morrissey ‘14

The verdict: Oh you fancy, huh?


Tony Argibay ‘13

The verdict: What it lacks in symmetry it makes up for in hatching. We can see the brush strokes…


Zach Zetlin ‘11

The verdict: Frida Kahlo’s eyebrow just had a hot fit


Arne Andersen ‘13

We can only imagine…

Editor’s note: this was funnier when Arne didn’t have a roster picture 

Ryan Conway ‘12

The verdict: Curves in all the right places


Nizam Ghani ‘14

The verdict: A one lane road to an exclusive vineyard


Matt Levine ‘11

The verdict: Everything in a janitor’s bucket and more


 As for you Ramsey Bates ‘13 and Kevin Coleman ‘14

You got a little something on your face…


*Note, after last year’s hysterics we didn’t use numbers this year. Apparently some feelings were hurt…That binary scale really comes back to bite you in the bum bum.





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