Ah, the joys of discovery

Chubby kids, turtle sexualization, marketing strategy…

Photo courtesy of thoughtcatalog.com

Next time you are hard up on cognitive stimulation try reading Thought Catalog. We just discovered it this morning and we’re already obsessed.

Initially, facebook brought us to this “Suburban Dictionary”

but there was so much more in store:

Young, Chubby Boy Reviews Fruit Gushers

(he would be absurdly chill to hang out with)

When the Internet Was Innocent 

(WHY did nobody ever show us this, if we  ever got on chat with a ped now all we would know how to do is stop, drop, and roll…chat roulette anyone?)

Totally Blank Book Becomes Internet Best- Seller

(women everywhere fill pages with “taking out the trash”)

Assessing Your ‘Type’ Via The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(Gold Ranger, I choose you! Wait, was that not an option?)

Elderly Woman Disconnects Armenia from the Internet


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