Skidmore tries

After the success of Wesleyan’s “I Have Sex” video, Skidmore would like everyone to know that they also have sex. Their video is also over a minute longer than Wes’s so that the repetition of the same three sentences will leave no doubt in the viewer’s mind that Skidmore does indeed have sex.

Our immediate reaction was similar to our reaction when the friend that nobody likes happens upon us in our latest hiding spot. “Hey…you made it…great…” We also yawned.

Some of you may be saying “But The ‘Cac, don’t YOU have sex? Don’t you want there to be as much Planned Parenthood advocacy out there as possible?” And to this we say:

1. we don’t have sex…but we make condom animals

2. nobody likes a cheap imitation

Skidmore is having an “I can haz?” moment, otherwise defined as pathetic mewing. “Can we have sex too and make a video about it?”

 Sure Skid! But it sure as heck isn’t going to be as cool as our sex(video.)

It’s The ‘Cac thoroughbreds, if you ain’t trotting with it trot from it (see what we did there?)

We googled "pathetic cat" and this came up... Oh stop it, don't feel bad for him he's fine.

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