Conn gets last word on plagiarism scandal

When Connecticut College found out that star student and campus leader Peter St. John plagiarized his commencement speech the Camel blushed to say the least. We don’t know what is more embarassing, that his speech was considered the best of the day, that Conn didn’t adequately prepare him to come up with his own cliched graduation metaphors, or that throughout the whole commencement speech selection process nobody bothered to do a quick google check on some of St. Peter’s more brilliant lines.

Fear not ‘Cac, our youngest member has not let us down– yet. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a smoldering WASP- nest the Camel has emerged to hump another day.

That’s right, The College Voice– Conn’s student newspaper– was awarded first prize for general news reporting by the northeast region of the Society of Professional Journalists for their coverage of the itty bitty snafu.

and to that we say HA and um, congrats.

good looks.


p.s. We’re not sure if we should be admitting this, but yesterday somebody googled “camels bum with poo coming out” and it brought them to this site. What? Us? Strange…comment if you have any theories.

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