But it was so red and shiny…

What is it with us and fire extinguishers?!

Apple: Eve:: Fire extinguisher: ‘Cac

According to an article in The Tufts Daily, it is likely that a student set- off the fire extinguisher that shut down a Senior Pub Night, much to the chagrin of all in attendance (and those just stumbling through the door.)

Here are some highlights:

 “…all of a sudden this sort of light smoke covered the dance floor, and it tasted really salty, bitter almost,” senior Ha Vo said.

“I saw some kid over by the wall, and I saw him putting down a fire extinguisher,” she said. “He looked like he knew he was not supposed to be doing that.”- Andrea Ness ’11

Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst


In February, the Bowdoin Orient reported an early morning social house evacuation due to a well thought out fire extinguisher ambush.


“I was sleeping,” Hanson said. “The next thing I know, the fire alarm is going off in the whole house. I opened my eyes and everything was yellow. My eyes were stinging; I couldn’t breathe.”

Brunswick Fire Department responded, retrieving one student who had slept through the alarm.

“Me and my roommate didn’t have any of our clothes or our sheets,” Hanson said. He added that the two of them were forced to borrow clothes from their suitemates—they were fortunate to be the same size, he said—and were using sheets and pillows provided by the College.

and later…

“Our room was cleaned,” Hanson said. “Everything else was clean and put on hangers. All our shirts were dry-cleaned.”

Given similar incidents in the past, an e-mail was sent out to all students on Thursday detailing the hazards of fire extinguishers.


Yet again, something so bad makes us feel so good:




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