Tweets of the week

In an effort to get more of our fellow students on Twitter– not to mention following The ‘Cac—here are our “Tweets of the Week” (with minimum snarky commentary.)

Also, we were too lazy to nicely cut out the red lines like we sometimes do… Clearly, we compulsively screen snip—moving on.

1. The musings of an Ivy gentleman. Little does he know we could have gone to Harvard too…we just crave intimacy.

2. Naw dog, worry about paying off your student loans first.

3. Note: “Top Tweet” designation. Every college girl doin sumn wit her life retweeted…and then logged out of Twitter and cured cancer.

4. The only reason we are posting this is to increase the chances that some vigilante will read this, seek out the author, and swap her Patagonia with a K- mart poncho.

5. Go to the dining hall. Look to your right. Look to your left. THAT.

6. My bed is just jealous of the relationship I have with my study carrel.

7. Do vikings also like inappropriate fire extinguisher/ alarm conduct? Vikings: we haz them.

8. Viva la stool

9. Wake up in the morning feeling like a hipster.

10. Good call,  might we also suggest cutting at the table and wearing your Vineyard Vines belt like Quailman?

11. Nutella: the official currency of The ‘Cac. Soon to be accepted at the textbook center…

12. A highly intelligible social observation.

13. What?! All the Brown kids are doing it…

14. Who told you that. No seriously, who. told. you.

15. Well I ran out of Baked Lays so now I can actually hear what the professor is saying.

16. Now they know! Get em champ!

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