Stuff the ‘Cac likes #40

Not gonna lie, #40 was kinda a shot in the dark. Some things, like #7 are a given…others are pure social intuition. After this glowing endorsement of flavored Seltzer out of Brunswick, we can sleep better knowing that “misspelling” a capella did not ruin our quad cred.

#40, a tribute:

“Flavored Seltzer: it’s like water, only better. Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about flavored seltzer water, a NESCAC obsession. Before class, we like to drop by the convenience store on campus (C-Store, if you will) and pick up a 32 oz bottle of flavored bubbly fabulousness to distract us during class. Because we’re above mundane plain water, we choose flavors like blueberry, cranberry lime, or my personal favorite, vanilla. We can’t live without the stuff. Dining Halls at Bowdoin College even have raspberry seltzer in the soda machines, to satiate our thirst. Drinking a bottle of flavored seltzer benefits us by way of hydration (32 oz of water is half your daily dosage), gustatory satisfaction (the taste of blueberries every time you take a sip!), and boosting our general coolness (people know you’re totally with it when you’re carrying a bottle of grapefruit Polar Seltzer around). But seriously, as students of the NESCAC, we just can’t get enough flavored seltzer.” — Issy Albi, Bowdoin

Photo Courtesy of the heck that is...

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