Who IS the “Onion- man?”

By Chelsea Michta, Amherst
Currently intrigued (as are other Amherst students) by a grizzled townie who frequents our dining hall, bangs on the piano sporadically, and waters the artificial plants. Oh, and he likes to chill in Starbucks and sketch unsuspecting students, often handing them his artwork, and peacing out. ( I think one girl may even have posted a mobile upload of his charcoal of her on Facebook.)
Once he sat next to me with two raw onions in his hand and, looking down at them, bellowed: “To Beatnik, or not to Beatnik, that is the question.”
He’s a pretty bizarre dude, but ‘Onion-man’– as I’ve come to refer to him– has become one of my favorite Amherst enigmas…

Shrouded in mystery... Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst

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