You think you’re smarter than me?

In honor of Mike Posner’s performance at Amherst last Saturday, we’ve re- crafted his song “Cooler Than Me” to reflect the pangs of a NESCAC student who doesn’t quite make the cut for an elite study group.

We realize that reading this might dredge up feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, but just remember– this is how Skid kids feel all the time.

If I could type up my notes

Like that weird kid from Choate

I would already have them highlighted and stuff

I know you know I’m a mess

 I missed the “study?” mass text

And it’s obviously cuz

You think you’re smarter than me


You’ve got a pencil case

Trimmed with Belgian lace and

Your fountain pen

Spouts that you’re smarter than me

Don’t got no Macbook Pro

But I know what I know

And baby I know

You think you’re smarter than me


You got your flashcards

Clipped on a ring

And you stick to the text

Like some tight jeans

But you don’t know

How pretentious you look

When your outline’s





See I got it

All figured out

If I lean far enough I can copy…

But I Kant say, “beyond reasonable doubt”

Such a philosophy’s right

How would I know if you’re right?


If I could write a rough draft

Like that cute girl from Taft

I wouldn’t have to study alone for the test

I know you know I’m a mess

 I missed the “study?” mass text

And it’s obviously cuz

You think you’re smarter than me


You take Professors on dates

To talk French over plates

And then rub it in

Til I’m ennui

I offered to bring snacks

But you won’t text me back

And it’s obviously cuz you think you’re smarter than me.


You got your fast crowd

Pre- med and pre- law

But my philosophy major is hot stuff

So you’ll never know

How deep we could go

I think


I am.


Shhh I got you

All figured out

The amount that you study is obscene

You don’t respect me, after that Saturday night

But it was only one night

And the puking was light


Babe it sure seems you’ve got a higher IQ

But it you include me, I’ll show you what I can do


If I’m such a fool

Because of public school

Then explain why I tested 97%

Granted, it was for ADD

To the highest degree

But for once you can’t say

you scored higher than me!


Cheer up Mikey, youre wicked smaht! Photo Courtesy of





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