The art of “stall writing”

Nick Rodricks published a piece in The College Voice criticizing the loss of stall literature to new paint jobs around Conn’s campus.

Rodricks writes, “Thus I say, let the campus battle begin. I am not talking of a full-scale graffiti, spray cans running in the street type battle. I am simply talking about branding bathroom stalls, the most tempting of canvasses, with the pure imagination that makes life on a campus so great. Fifty percent of the campus is exposed to these blank walls and I deem it our job to choose any path but a boring one.”

We salute this Camel’s all- call to poet’s, artists, and spurned lovers. We need a place in which poor renditions of male genitalia can sit side by side with quotes by Ayn Rand…and this place is the bathroom. Let no intellectual forum remain unexplored! Drop your trousers and uncap your Sharpies gentlemen!

Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst

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