Tweets of (last) Week

In an effort to get more of our fellow students on Twitter– not to mention following The ‘Cac—here are our “Tweets of the Week” (with minimum snarky commentary.) Missed last weeks’? Check em out here.

Also, we were too lazy to nicely cut out the red lines like we sometimes do… Clearly, we compulsively screen snip—moving on.

1. Good golly Julia Segal keep your Seder where it belongs…in your pants

2. Glaucoma goes great with brownies.

3. Shhhh the party’s sleeping…

4. Further proof that the perpetuation of the human race is due to insanity.

5. More water out than in.

6. It was pizza bites, and $200.

7. Killin it this week, on Twitter and in society.

8. We did that with a PC… No skin off our racerback tanned backs, we couldn’t remember much from our fetal days anyway.

9. Who says dogs and pizza don’t have to do with politics? Bo’s recent deposits on the White House lawn have been highly controversial and isn’t Pelosi Italian? Also, “renfair” is an example of a perfect abbreviation, Lauren Ashley Bishop: you’re going places.

10. So true. We attend all campus athletic events with a Tiffany’s ring in our pocket just in case.

11.  Nobody wafts like Miley.

12. A+ for elementary mathematics, F for taste.

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