Chiddy Bang and Guiness

Recent Wes performer Chiddy of the notorious Chiddy Bang just smashed the world record for longest freestyle of nine hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, by spitting verse for 9 hours, 16 minutes, and 22 seconds.

Matt and Kim were there casually cheering him on. Here’s an excerpt from MTV’s coverage.

“It’s a marathon, not a race” Chiddy continued. “It’s all about pacing yourself. I tend to be very, very hype when I rap. This time, I realize I’m gonna rap for like nine hours, so I’m not gonna come out of the gate hyped. I’m just gonna pace myself and ride that thing out, ride it till the wheels fall off.”

Till the wheels fall off…

Old school, new school, you need to learn though. Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst.

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