Tweets of the week

In an effort to get more of our fellow students on Twitter– not to mention following The ‘Cac—here are our “Tweets of the Week” (with minimum snarky commentary.) Missed our last installment? Check ’em out here.

Also, we were too lazy to nicely cut out the red lines like we sometimes do… Clearly, we compulsively screen snip—moving on.

1.  Yes! No more easy meal plan! No more consolidated community of like (party)- minded peers! No more bragging about playing on a DIII sports team and successfully getting laid! No more life! Wow. #sentimentweet #fatalism

2.  Admit our tweets make you nervous and maybe we’ll leave. #intimidatinglywitty #inthecac

3.  Sure Ruth, right after the commercial for the pistachios…

4. We’ve been putting the FroYo on the fruit lately…bad sign?

5. “Thomas Kingsley Muttingham III is extremely offended. Take that back beyotch before we release his Burberry collar!” –Shadow

6.  Finally! Someone who gets it! “With a little love, and these prescription meds…” 

7.  With The Frizz?! No way!

8. Welcome to the freak show. #inthecac

9. …Oh wait we pay for our laundry. Make that “second to last.”

10.  Ho Ho Blow.


11.  No. We must have Elton’s undying admiration. If we don’t have that we have…nothing.

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