Everybody loves a good TED talk

Graduation is approaching fast. And for those students that aren’t graduating, another year is coming to a close with time for reflection.

In the ‘Cac there are some things we know about ourselves. Often we are genuinely happy. We are also very good at pretending to be happy, especially when giving tours. We are great at giving a firm handshake because that’s what we’ve been coached to do, and offering myriad hollow “how are you?”‘s in which our thought jumps to the next square on our schedule before we can even process the other person’s reply.

As the end of the year approaches assess your campus bucket list (or senior seven,) and think about the things you will never get back. Take off those Sperry’s and run through the wet grass. Sit with a stranger at lunch. Finally tell that girl that you’re “never going to see again” that she has touched your life in a big way. You won’t have the words for it– find them.

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