It’s that time of year.

“My Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate “

Issy Albi, Bowdoin


1. Online newspapers: what better to do with your “free” time than catch up on the news of the world. As a NESCAC student, I feel like I have to keep up with world news, or at least the big headline news, to follow my discussions in class…or to at least have something to say when the professor calls on me because I haven’t been paying attention.

“And what would you say about how Ronald Reagan’s legacy plays out in the courts?” –Professor catching me off guard

“Well, if we tie this in to Obama’s recent policy…” –nice save

Good thing I was on instead of doing the reading for this class last night…

2. Cleaning my room or doing Laundry. It feels like I’m doing something, and while I kind of am, I know I should be studying.

3. Cooking or Baking. It’s definitely therapeutic, and I claim it keeps me sane amidst all my homework, but I think that’s just my excuse to bake pesto cheese bread instead of doing my Law and Society reading…


4. Making a To Do list. And putting some things I’ve already done on the top. Check, check, check!

5. Nap. This nap will give me energy for later to better focus on my work….or I just really want to sleep now.

6. Go to the Gym. (Stuff NESCAC students like #53) It’s something productive, I feel better after going, and I’m probably going to go today anyways so what does it matter if I go before or after I study?

7. Online Shopping. Clothes, shoes, furniture for your actual or fantasy house, whatever. Love it.

8. Going to Wikipedia and hitting “Random Article” and learning useless things

9. Reading blogs. Some of my favorites are foodporndaily, smittenkitchen, thedailyprep, SCOTUSblog and– obviously– inthecac (see screen for details)

10. Totally ditching work and driving up the coast of Maine for lobster and lighthouses. Any exploration trip off campus is a great way to get to know the area surrounding your college, as a student of Bowdoin (Colby and Bates, this applies to you too!), I am absolutely smitten with the beauty of the coast of Maine and find it essential to take full advantage of the area surrounding home away from home #inthecac.

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