How to pack #inthecac

You know that deodorant that ran out in January and you only kept it because it had the holographic wrapping and cool name and your trash can was in the other room? You won’t need that where you’re going. Dining hall cups GTFO.


Pizza box under the bed? Ew, you didn’t. Stray pen caps? choking hazard. That rock you found that looks just like your Civ Prof? Pack it.

And remember, a gentleman always returns her jewelry… Send the text, we’ll wait.

Say your goodbyes and lay it GENTLY on top of the empty take- out containers...Photo Credit Elodie Reed, Amherst

CAREFULLY lower your J. Crew out the window…your breezy summer clothes feel a lot less breezy at terminal velocity.

Photo Credit Bennett Cowie, Conn College

 Take that carefully constructed wall collage, and convert it into a FB Wall collage. Yeah, modernity’s a betch but now you don’t have to worry about tape. Don’t forget to clean up behind you (spackle that ish.)

Photo Credit Charles Justin Sheng, Amherst

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