Ode to Intellectual Superiority Complexes

Because we didn’t get into an Ivy League and will freely admit it anonymously on the internet:


Ode to Intellectual Superiority Complexes


Oh you who spell Moleskin with an “e”

Writing your angst in an expensive diary

Referencing French films with a curt Bonjour

Took French AP and got a 4

HA… you thought we didn’t know?

J’adore! But what we really love

Are your ironic jorts you wh— oops!

We won’t say,

We’ll watch you silkscreen  

Shirts with Che

And lecture your classmates

On the evils of The Fray

(stoned hobos over sell- outs N E DAY.)

You Mr. Zola with your “J’accuse!”

Tossed out when you deem a work cliché

Will be condemned to a room in hell

With Twilight fans

And Bieber on replay.

Quote, we invite you, Kant and Proust

Smoke your peace pipe (we’ll not oust!)

But remember Mr. Donne (you shit)

We too wrote a poem…and this is it.


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