Tweets of the week

In an effort to get more of our fellow students on Twitter– not to mention following The ‘Cac—here are our “Tweets of the Week” (with minimum snarky commentary.) Missed our last installment? Check ‘em out here.

Also, we were too lazy to nicely cut out the red lines like we sometimes do… Clearly, we compulsively screen snip—moving on.

1. Standard tweet– until you see who tweeted it. Once a BAMF, always a BAMF big J.

2. Was it orange?

3. Is that how long it takes to unfriend and detag pic.s with Judas?

4. Last seen being hauled away by Bates security…

5. Hipster ambrosia.

6. Hey Sorority South, the Civil War called…they wanted us to remind you you’re a loser.

7. Is Harris an athlete or a NARP?

8. Story of our life. Ok after Pulp Fiction. Sequel to our life…

9. Good point. You’d think Zuck of all people…

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