Stuff we like #47

Stuff NESCAC Students Like” went up at least a month ago but it continues to be popular. Like that picture we drew in 5th grade we like to pull it out every once in a while just to be like “awww that was actually pretty good.”

Although a month in college student dog days is about 2 and ¼ years, we still remember writing a lot of that stuff. #9? Yeah had some this morning. #33? Definitely remember writing that.

And then we got to #47. Exercise balls.

Nope, don’t remember putting that on the list at allll. This is the point in the post when Freud starts all up breathing in our ear, Borscht clotting in his whiskers.


Excuse me sir? No. You’re not going to pull the whole subconscious “golden arches” mother McDonald’s has something special for you argument on this blog. Exercise balls are just fun, and bouncy, and frankly we’ve never actually used one for exercise.

But in our defense here are three plausible reasons why we wrote #47.

Why We Might Like Exercise Balls (but don’t actually remember liking them)

1. Neighborhood play: We all look back fondly on those games of “cops and robbers” and “who is dumb enough to drink out of the vernal pool.” However, as we age and mature like a great piece of Jarlsberg we really only remember the days that resulted in copious Rugrats band- aids and stomach pumping.

In my neighborhood in the 508 we had a nice game called “chase the oversized exercise ball.” Winning said game usually involved launching head first over the ball and getting in ONE really good belly bounce before being steamrolled by the other 40 Corn Children running rampant  through the cul- de sac.

Long story short, my friend’s little brother broke his arm playing “chase the ball”– forever dooming “big blue” to dust in the corner, dreaming of the embrace of sweaty glutes that never came.

corn child. true story.


2. Target ALWAYS lets us down.

not bouncy, deception not appreciated.


3. We heard that we might not get fat and crooked looking if we sit on one of these suckers instead of an actual office chair. Noted.

can't win 'em all

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