Internet: love and hate

A recent survey of 7,000 16- 30 year olds from several countries turned up a pretty disturbing statistic: 53% would rather lose their sense of smell than lose access to social media.

Excuse me, what? Granted, this is being written indoors on a laptop as the May sunshine blazes outside but still…smell is kind of a big deal. Try telling if your clothes are clean before going out without your sense of smell–yeah, shit just got real.

Anyway, the internet is pretty awesome for a lot of things. Like Elodie found this video yesterday of some kid having a ball on the Metro:


HOWEVER, you can’t properly “roll on the Metro” unless you venture outdoors and put down your iPhone for the minutes it takes you to film yourself. That seems like a pretty good argument for good old fashioned fun including good old fashioned olfactory senses.

What is “tweeting” without birds? what is “surfing” without the ocean? what is “stumbling” without beeyahs? NOTHING.

Stillllll within a few days of Yonathan’s video being posted someone had remixed the song (thank you internet.)


Which leads us to conclude that there is no reason you can’t have both.


The ‘Cac knows what it nose.

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