In a world where everyone is “tryna lax,” one group of brahs is succeeding– on the web at least. After Twitter hype rivaling Mr. Charlie Sheen the “beta of the beta” of site www.laxbrah.com has launched.

Origin: unknown, but we do believe there is a ‘Cuse affiliation due to some panty- twisted tweets over the NCAA finals

Mission statement:

We are here to provide you with cultural musings, irreverent commentary, egotistical ramblings, arguably the best music known to mankind, and a slew of other things we are not willing to announce just yet. For our official launch announcement please shoot us your e-mail. We promise one thing, you have never seen anything like us before and no one can match us. Welcome to Laxbrah.

Summary: Quick perusal of the site turned up music and news commentary, a predictable amount of soft porn, and “Lax Brah Made Me Do It” (the site’s solution to Viva La Stool.) A healthy obsession with shoes rounds out this space of net turf.

Verdict: Sauce (weak or strong, TBD)

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