Tweets of the Week

In an effort to get more of our fellow students on Twitter– not to mention following The ‘Cac—here are our “Tweets of the Week” (with minimum snarky commentary.) Missed our last installment? Check ‘em out here.

Also, we were too lazy to nicely cut out the red lines like we sometimes do… Clearly, we compulsively screen snip—moving on.

1. I heard she’s sleeping with the coconut water and aspirin fairy.

2. One yacht two yacht, real prep or dumb twat? #learntospell #seusssolutions

3.  That’s only because Sting told them they didn’t have to turn on the light, dark room= deceiving.

4. I’m single for my art. #chicken #egg

5. Hey! I get at least 2 minutes of flavor out of most balls.

6. Ditto, but only if Denny’s is unavailable.

7. I find this tweet un- Amurrican! If you don’t like it, move to Canadia!

8. Show some respect. “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall.”

9. This message brought to you by Marianne Williamson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bob Marley

10. Flowzen YOgurt, Coachellous, Kate Upton

11. Ever wonder why there are no stray dogs on Martha’s Vineyard?

12. #truth but pulling down

13. Yeah?

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