Is this mediocre YouTube video every Pixar movie ever made?

So I randomly found this video on YouTube, which is pretty standard except for that I watched the WHOLE THING.

After it finished, I was literally just frozen on my couch trying to justify the fact that I transacted 3:45 of my life to two dudes who are pretending to be bros pretending to be bros.

Keep in mind this video currently has 44 hits, 4 of which are me and 20 for each kid’s mom. Nothing special…

And yet, YET, There are a couple of golden lines that pretty much intrigue me. And then it hit me.

This video is secretly every Pixar movie ever made.

Think about it.

It starts out like this:

And moves to this: (SQUIRREL!)

And the rest can pretty much be summed up by this:


Somebody call John Lasseter, we might have something big on our hands.


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