Interview with Timeflies

We caught up with Cal and Rob of Timeflies, recent Tufts grads headed for the big league. They took some time out of recording their newest album to answer a few questions.

The ‘Cac: Music is in an interesting phase right now. We’ve got bands like Chiddy Bang incorporating rap with Sufjan Stevens, and Coachella bringing together bands like Wiz and the Freelance Whales that seem to belong to different worlds. Is technology the enabler for the rapper/hipster phenomenon? Do you see your music as situated within this scene?

Cal and RR: Finally music is moving into a place where technology is no longer seen as a crutch but as an instrument for creativity.  Especially with the internet providing all that it does, finding samples /a capellas and collaborating with artists who may be on tour or far from your studio is becoming a lot easier.  As people realize the genre lines they have for so long believed in are no longer relevant, “hip hop” and “rock” and “pop” and even “classical” and “bluegrass” will be replaced by “good” music.  We’re excited to be a part of this revolution.

Performing at Fairfield, photo courtesy of

The ‘Cac: You guys are graduating, what do you think about the power of music to make you sentimental? Do you think that your songs will make someone nostalgic someday?

Cal and RR: Definitely.  We just put out “Never Grow Up” for just that reason, we’re emotional about graduating and want our music to convey our real life experiences.  We look back on songs we listened to when we were younger, and hope that people will always look back on our songs down the line and remember what it was like to listen to them now.  That, or just keep them playing at parties forever haha.

The ‘Cac: What is your favorite show you’ve performed and why? Have there been moments in the studio that rival the rush of live performing?

Cal and RR: Favorite show was probably the last one we did at Miami of Ohio.  The crowd was there for us, they knew a lot of the words, and overall was just a real fun school to be at.  Our Fairfield show was also really fun, great crowd there too.  To be honest, the shows are incredible and we wouldn’t trade them for anything, but the time in the studio is what we do it for.  The moment when the song starts coming together is overwhelming, or when you get just the right mix and can sit back and just feel it.  Feel like your heart beats even faster in those moments than when you’re dripping sweat jumping up and down on stage.

Performing at Miami of Ohio, photo courtesy of

The ‘Cac: Rob, do your philosophy and music majors ever overlap? If so, how?

RR: I think philosophy teaches you to see the world, and problems especially, in a more focused way.  Though obviously learning about what makes a statue different from a lump of clay is not necessarily the most relevant to making a banger ha, it definitely comes into play when we write lyrics or think about what messages we want to convey and what feelings we want to inspire.  Nietzsche wrote a lot about Wagner, maybe one day if I get bored of Timeflies I’ll start philosophizing.

 The ‘Cac: If you could come off-stage to any food and beverage combo, what would be the ideal?

Cal: Steak and a glass of scotch.

RR: Gyro and gallon of water, and since Cal’s drinking, some Vodka and Fanta.

 The ‘Cac: What are you post- grad plans?

Cal and RR: Well we graduated a few weeks ago and now we’re up in Martha’s Vineyard working on our album, The Scotch Tape.  We’re going full time with Timeflies and planning shows for the summer and fall.  Big things.

 The ‘Cac: Finally, fill in the blanks. A good party has lots of _______ a little bit of ______ and no______.

Cal and RR: Bass, Timeflies, dudes.

Kicking back. Photo courtesy of

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