Science Fair 101

Ok, let’s cut the crap and stop pretending that AddSeven is anything other than what it is– a science experiment.

Russell Crowe could probably use game theory to figure out exactly how to make a desirable match. But all we have is what we remember from high school. Here’s what we know…


This is an aspirin molecule

This is AddSeven

This is our lab report:

Question– Does being in this aspirin molecule get a NESCAC student laid?

Hypothesis– Nope.

Materials– Some girls and guys, College Prowler says nothing to sneeze at, supposedly scored highly on SAT’s

Procedure– Closely followed manufacturer’s directions on, controlled by elimination of Likealittle access (that’s cheating!)

Data– Data? we hardly know her! #laughtrack Uh…we don’t really know if it’s um working?

Conclusion– Hypothesis correct LIKE WHOA.

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