The “Common Good” is a slippery slope

According to this article in MiddBlog, the school’s dining services has begun experimenting with crap carp recipes in order to do their part to reduce the overpopulation of Asian Carp.


Except maybe chili, chowder, sausage casings and jambalaya aren’t the best outlets for surpluses in the ‘Cac. I’m sure you might have noticed that the football teams are getting a little big (90? your number is 90?) and a squirrel on every tree is frankly unnecessary. Besides, now that we are all reusing our Solo cups those things are lying around like blow in Ke$ha’s  kitchen.

But we’re not about to shred that ish into “edible” Easter basket grass. And sucking down squirrel tails is not gonna agree with the average trachea.

Between baby back quarterback or carp with feta crumbles– we’ll take the fish.

Overpopulation be damned, you just keep filling Pratt Field.


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