10 ‘Cac Commandments

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…it’s the 10 ‘Cac Commandments!

1. Never let anyone know how much dough you hold, if you have it great if you don’t…well that’s a tricky one…

2. Never let them know your next move. Thought this monogamous hook-up was gateway to dating? Wrong! It was gateway to dating your freshman roommate. Betcha never saw that coming…

3. Never trust nobody…not to crack your iPhone screen when they’re drunky drunk.

4. Never get pie on your own supply. Might as well make the rich kid order the pizza as punishment for breaking numero uno…

5. Sell the ‘Cac where you rest at. Seriously, talk it up in your hometown– the more people that apply the lower our admission rates.

6. Credit? get it. #putitonmytab

7. Keep your family and “business” completely separated. Duh. Until you graduate and your business is the family business, momma doesn’t need to know. #nepotismkicksinat23

8. Never keep no weight on you. This is why we have a state of the art gym and vegan options…probably.

9. POPO= NO GO (but if you do get caught use all your best breeding and be completely honest. Make sure your Father’s attorney is on speed dial in your phone and…)

10. A strong word called consignment. Isn’t Salvo the best! #uglysweaterparty

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