Total Social House Move

I can’t really speak to the experiences of other schools in The ‘Cac as far as Social Houses go. I know Wes is still rocking the frats, Colby has Frat Row, and some schools have themed houses like “Frisbee and Herbs” and “Knitting.”

If you are unfamiliar with Bowdoin’s model, in which the theme of all 7 social houses is “throw PaRtY good” then you might want to familiarize yourself with the history here. <lol, NO.

I’m sure you’ve seen TFM and it’s bastard maiden sister TSM. And let me just say to the purveyors, y’all are just hilarious in small doses!

Anyway, without further ado The ‘Cac presents:

TSHM (it came to me in a dream.)

Officer, I didn’t actually pull the fire alarm– my urine must have triggered it TSHM

Are those new Nikes? Rookie move bro TSHM

If I cry in the line to the bathroom nobody will see me TSHM

You hid your black Northface in the fridge? I hung mine from the chandelier TSHM

Come on [ to other freshman girls,] this guy says he has a keg in his room! TSHM

Ugh, who vommed in the elevator TSHM

What sport do you play? TSHM

Between the two guys jumping on the couch with no shirt on, I prefer the one holding the broken hockey stick TSHM

I still have the “X on my hand from last week TSHM

Seriously? They already did the “sweaty freshmen” theme two weeks ago TSHM

That betch is wearing the same gold spandex as you TSHM

Ok Guys, Res Life approved the “cANAL” party, they thought the raft was a great idea! TSHM

“Where is the designated Alcohol host?!” “Throwing up.” TSHM

I found these sunglasses on the floor! TSHM

I found this condom wrapper on the floor! TSHM

I found your dignity on the floor…TSHM

Guys. We are totally going to live here next year. But legit tho, we are. TSHM

I’m glad they kept the fireplaces, but what are those hieroglyphics on the plaque by the door? TSHM

It’s how Hartley Cone Baxter and Mary Lincoln Baxter would have wanted it TSHM

Baxter House "Make a new friend"

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