Why the Profanity?

In light of Wednesday’s unusual New England region tornadoes (the largest of which landed in Springfield, MA, not too far from the ‘Cac’s own Amherst College), a video search was in order to see what the craziness was all about. One of the best quality videos was of two guys sitting in their truck, watching (and freaking out) as the twister tore across the highway right in front of them. The two were, understandably, not afraid to express their fear with some choice words, to the point where the video had a cautionary note warning viewers of profanity.

On a less serious but equally relevant note, why do we use profanity? No really, think about it. It’s kind of weird that we use these taboo words when we are feeling some sort of strong emotion (especially college students, it seems, judging by what one hears on an average walk through campus). This article here looks at one of the reasons, that is that using profanity can help relieve pain. As we all know, college has its ups and downs, a lot of emotion. Maybe profanity helps us get through college, through the craziness (at least one reason I can think of for why we drop so many f-bombs). Who knew.

Good time for the old f-bomb, Williams. - Photo by Elodie Reed

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