Brunswick’s Boom Boom Room rated 4/5 stars

Last night Lady Gaga danced her butt (and clothes) off at the Boom Boom Room, an exclusive club in NYC’s West Village.

It’s a little known fact that the Boom Boom Room has an off- shoot by the same name in close proximity to The ‘Cac’s own Bowdoin College. This equally exclusive club has been written up by such prestigious publications as The Bowdoin Orient, College Prowler, and the Brunswick Police Report.

These inartistic reviews have hardly done it justice. Here is our review, we give the BBR 4/5 stars:

Our journey into the Boom Boom Room began outdoors, where local celebrities line up on the asphalt carpet. It was here that we caught up with the party- goers to talk about their apparel. Almost all of the women in attendance cited Ke$ha and “some Forever21 mannequin” as style influences.

Once inside we found that the BBR is located on the lowest level of Crack House, a pricey residential space for athletes and small woodland animals. Maine’s Down East magazine described the property as “Eurotrash, minus Euro.”

The club itself has been lauded for its subterranean ambience, complete with an avant gard exposed pipe ceiling. Persistently moist concrete walls have caused some to call it a “haute couture Rainforest Cafe.” Furniture is sparse and limited to “destroyed” office furniture–aesthetically pleasing additions to the space that double as a playful jab at the 9-5 lifestyle.

Graffiti is a present– albeit underdeveloped– theme in the space, the irony of declarations such as “JB SUCKS!” hovering over the heads of some of the area’s best intellectuals and artists was not lost on our reviewer.

Drinks are very reasonably priced.  

Another offshoot in Houston


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