Did that really just happen?

Last week I ran a story about Anne Marsen, the dance school drop- out starring in a guerilla film in which she dances all through Manhattan for the duration of Girltalk’s latest album.

Today I was walking to catch the train and I see a chick standing outside Central Station jumping up and down with a poster that said “Dance With Me!” Of course I did what any rational person does– the two second “crazy or not crazy” visual evaluation. At second 1.5 I was leaning toward crazy when I realized I’d seen that peach tutu before…

Anne getting kicked out of Yankee Stadium

Yup, it was ANNE FREAKING MARSEN. So I did my thing (awkward head bop, some hip swivels) said “I love your work!” and got on my train.

Was the whole thing on film? Hell yes it was.

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