Stuff NESCAC students like #22

Kanye West belongs to the “D-bag and knows it” school. A school that might as well be our 12th– it’s just so near and dear. Sure we can seeth that watching T- Swift on the verge of tears was like watching someone run over a butterfly with a rolling pin, but the man wrote an apology song (and frankly it was quite impressive.)

So…what has our little compass rose been up to recently?

Well, on Sunday he performed at Gil Scott- Heron’s funeral. The song, “Lost in the World,” samples one of Heron’s poems.

Kanye also released his controversial “Monster” video this week. It’s from Dark Twisted Fantasy (emphasis on the dark and twisted) and even comes with a disclaimer.

Can’t get enough of George Condo’s album art for DTF? (just got that, nice work Kanye) Put it on a t- shirt! Karmaloop has three different designs.

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