A Slash for a Cheap Shot for a Bite, Round and Round We Go

-Deadspin’s headline said it best: Tim Thomas Will Fight Every One Of You Canadian Bastards If He Has To. It’s funny because it’s true; Thomas isn’t letting the Bruins lose this series while Luongo looks like swiss cheese. I’ll see the rest of you bandwagon fans at the parade.

-Boston > New York, at least for the last two nights as Big Papi did what Papi does, though decidedly less show-boat-y this time

-Heat v. Mavericks tonight. Won’t even bother telling you for whom you should be rooting.

-Colby’s very own Drew Magary with this “ranty rant,” ahem, “Why Men Send Dong Shots To People.” Strange phenomenon indeed. At least Colby taught Old Drew to not be heteronormative. I think I speak for the rest of the ‘Cac when I say, you make us proud, Drew.

-Slow day at Stool Boston today as the pesky interns broke the AC by sticking scissors inside of it. What? Who hires these kids / is that Michael Jordan? I think it’s Michael Jordan.



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