Chances Are, You Had A Better Night Than Gilbert Arenas

Preach Gilbert, preach! Hopefully your weekend goes even better.

-Bawston remains > than Noo Yoak for at least one more day, 8-3. Watching the game last night, I was reminded that, come next week, baseball is the only major American sport in play. And that, ‘Cac , is a scary thought.

-LeDecoy threw up another stinker. Well, as much of a stinker as “[messing] around and [getting] a triple-double” allows. His masterful, two-point fourth quarter last night gives him a whopping 11 fourth-quarter points in the series.

-Game five: America v. Canada. Tonight. 8 PM. NBC.

-And finally, addendum to Thing #23 NESCAC Students Like: Fledgling White Rappers. Chris Webby > Sammy Adams. Sorry, Trinity. Stick to squash.

Enjoy the weekend. Do something story-worthy.



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