Dallas Mavericks def. Dwyane Wade & Co. Thank God

Phew. It’s okay everyone. LeBron remains title-less for at least another 365 days. I don’t know about you, but I’m spent. I’ve never rooted against a team as hard as I’ve been rooting against the Heat. Probably harder than I’m rooting for the Bruins because basketball is eons above hockey for me.

So, ‘Cac (most of you, I assume, are not Miami Heat fans), revel in this tonight. And then go to work tomorrow. Or don’t. And soon you’ll forget about it until LeBron does his next douchey thing. I think we all know that LeBron will get his title eventually (they’ve got to be the favorites for next year already, right?), but enjoy this one while you can. Because rarely in life will you be able to hate someone as large as LeBron James without any consequences.

Here’s a few of my favorite tweets from the last 12 minutes of the NBA season. These guys and gals are all worth following if you’re a Twitterer. Enjoy.

-El Prezzy was happy.

-Colby’s finest.

-Just keeps getting finer.

-Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky.

-Grantland’s Bill Barnwell.

-Deadspin founder, New York Magazine editor, Will Leitch.

-I don’t get it. Go away, hipsters.

-Some guy with a show.

-Decidedly non-‘Cac alum, Deadspin’s Emma Carmichael, Vassar ’10. What a loser.


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