Rock Out With Your ‘Cac Out

If there’s one thing the ‘Cac loves more than anything, it’s fresh beats and dance parties. Just because it’s summer time and you may be separated from your ‘Cac-stitutions doesn’t mean you have to be estranged from fresh college beats that the bros would normally be blasting them in the basement. Here’s a few summer jams that are sure to make you feel like you are once again surrounded by solo cups, lax bros, and higher learning. There’s no doubt that fresh tunes helped you get jiggy with it on the weekends and earned you that aforementioned 3.35 All-Academic status, so let us grace you with more ear candy during summer to give you that home away from ‘Cac feeling:

A good slow jam remix with notable hip-hop all-stars and some tongue twisting rhymes…

1. Motivation (Remix) – Kelly Rowland ft. Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz & Fabolous:

If you’ve forgiven Chris Brown and are a fan of Eric Prydz’s techno wonder of the world “Call on Me”, you’ll be wondering (just like I am) why this isn’t on iTunes Top 10 yet…

2. Pass Out- Chris Brown ft. Eva Simons:

Another C.Breezy jam in collaboration with Pitbull who’s been bringing absolute fire to the music industry (and the ‘Cac) lately. There should be a ‘Cac remix to this…just sayin’.

3. International Love- Pitbull ft. Chris Brown:

Although this might be a bit more hood than the ‘Cac is used to, all good ‘Cacizens know that Twitter is the best new thing since sliced bread… so it was only a matter of time until there was a song about it. Not to mention we know ‘Cac alums are 99% more likely to obtain “verified” Twitter accounts than our non-‘Cac counterparts đŸ˜‰

4. Everybody Jones- Jim Jones ft. Aaron Lacrate:

No one breaks it down like the NESCAC.

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