Your Daily Redundant LeBron Rant of the Day

LeBron: Probably Not Grinning Today

Etc, e.g., i.e., and n.b. from the sports world today:

In case you didn’t hear, LeBron and the Heat lost, which of course is the bigger story than Dirk and the Mavericks winning, geographical location to Texas not withstanding. I won’t tell you about his fourth-quarter abductions (in which he was the largest abductee ever), about the least tripley-doubley triple-double of all time in Game 5, about how many speculate his poor performance was due to Rashard Lewis gettin’ it in with LeBron’s squeeze (sound familiar?); these are all just a Google search away. It’s all you.

No, I won’t talk about that. But I will direct to you the Land of Grant, where Jay Caspian Kang wrote this piece on how we no longer care. I think that sums it up pretty well. You’ve lost us, LeBron.

-Bruins v. Canucks. Game 6. Win or go to Vancouver again. The joke in Boston, allegedly: Person 1: “Hey, you know what time it is?” Person 2: “What time?” Person 1: “Twelve past Luongo.” Hahaha! Ha! Hahahaha!

-“I think I’m Big Meech! Larry Hoover!” –Ricky Rawss Da Bawss Dirk Nowitzki, the King of Miami.

-Also, if you enjoyed the earlier LeBron piece and are as big of a nerd as I, perhaps you’ll enjoy this piece as well. Oh, the nineties. Come back to us.

NESCAC All-Academic Team! If they ever lower the qualifications to like a 2.9 I AM SO THERE.

Seven student-athletes individuals were named to the 2011 editions of the All-Conference, All-Sportsmanship, and All-Academic NESCAC teams. The honorees were Bowdoin senior Ingrid Oelschlager (Roanoke, Va.), Hamilton senior Jeff Cardoni (Kensington, N.H.), the Middlebury trio of seniors Andrew Conner (Alexandria, Va.) and Kaitlynn Saldanha (Scarborough, Maine) and junior Victoria Aiello (Milton, Mass.), and senior Julia Browne (Old Brookville, Conn.) along with sophomore Emily Beinecke (Concord, Mass.) of Tufts.

Congratulations to you seven (marginally less congratulations to the other 800 (no, really) of you).

One thought on “Your Daily Redundant LeBron Rant of the Day

  1. Hey dude, really nice blog, like the background and the title is tight…

    LOL LeChoke, Wittle Wade and Boshosarus Rex couldn’t do it last night….

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