NBA Season Ends, LeBron Still Sucks

Etc, e.g., i.e., and n.b. from the sports world today:

-Back west we go as Boston dominated on home ice yet again, 5-2. Canadian Dumbledore says hello:

Such a strange dichotomy between the games in Vancouver and Boston. Is the ice slower in Canada? Is the net smaller?

-Also, I’m so confused as to what’s happening in that video. I think H. or D. Sedin is trying to draw a penalty, roughing perhaps? You’d figure after the first five punches he’d maybe shield his face, but no, six it is.

-Your daily redundant LeBron factoid of the day: This one’s actually pretty funny:

The Peoria Chiefs have added a LeBron James 2011 NBA Championship Replica Ring Giveaway to all fans on Thursday June 16 to enhance the Salute to the 1990s Chicago Bulls Championship Teams Night. The replica ring, which like LeBron’s is non-existent, will be handed out to all fans through the gates prior to the 7:00 p.m. game against Wisconsin.

Oh that is just diabolical, Peoria.

-Random thought: I can’t remember ever seeing a ‘Cac gal as a Barstool Smokeshow of the Day. Step it up. Kindly disregard this message, Bowdoin. You’re doing your best.

-Amherst’s Ryan Healy ’11 strikes out 12 over nine innings in his professional debut with the Moncton Mets (New Brunswick). The former Lord Jeff outpitched former major-league baller Jason Dickson but earned a no-decision in his team’s extra-innings loss.

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