Yeah we know we’re cool but thanks for the affirmation published a list of Top Ten Coolest Graduation Traditions. The ‘Cac just chewed up and spit out any other school that’s tried to have graduation swag. Conn made the list for gifting graduates with Eastern White Pine saplings tied with blue ribbon. Just think, in 100 years that sapling will be a legit tree and your grandchildren will be fighting over who gets to pay off the rest of your student debt.

Amherst still gives out sheepskin diplomas. No UGGs were harmed in the process, only sheep. Lord Jeffrey would totes approve. (latex version is available for those morally opposed…)

At Hamilton graduates present the college’s president with a green apple. Present, not throw, you NARPS.

At Williams the class president drops a watch from the top of the chapel, if it breaks GOOD LUCK ALL AROUND! Time flies when you’re going to school in the middle of freaking nowhere. Mazel Tov.



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