Setting the record straight

Yet another Thought Catalog piece about Liberal Arts school that is grossly off the mark.

Money quote: “People who go to liberal arts colleges were clearly not hugged enough as a child.”

You wanna bet?

Indeed Thought Catalog your “Guide to Dressing Like a Liberal Arts College Student” has caused me to question your credentials in every way.

Admit it; you were homeschooled up until graduate school. You don’t know what “salted” means. You’ve never heard of White Panda. You…ok I’m done, but rest assured I will break down your throne of lies K-NEX piece by K-NEX piece:

Guide to Dressing Like a Liberal Arts College Student #inthecac

TC’s look: Mischa Barton In A Psych Ward

Our look: “I’m about to work out,” and the related “I just worked out”  (same clothes, different color)

TC’s look: Maybe I’m Gay

Our look: I support Gay Marriage (read the t-shirt, DUH)

TC’s look: I Am Every Character From My So-Called Life

Our look: I am every character from The O.C.

TC’s look: The Only Thing I’ve Eaten In Three Days Is My ADD Medication

Our look: I’m on the Michelle Obama diet

TC’s look: Everyone Is Jealous Of Me And I Can Understand Why

Our look: Nobody else wears suspenders and I can’t understand why

TC’s look: My parents won’t call me back

Our look: My mother won’t stop texting me

TC’s look: This Outfit Is A Genderfuck

Our look: Future DILF

TC’s look: I Love The Craft And If I Wear Black Lipstick I’ll Be A Witch

Our look: I’ve never been hunting but I sure do love this hunting coat!

TC’s look: Don’t Panic My Dress Is Organic

Our look: It’s ok, I have tights on underneath

TC’s look: Stop Looking At Me, Okay, You Can Look At Me

Our look: feast. your. eyes. these biceps don’t lie

TC’s look: I’m Scared 2 Graduate

Our look: Read my Harvard graduate school sweatpants…bitch

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