Bruins Win Stanley Cup; Canada on Fire

Etc, e.g., i.e., and n.b. from the sports world today:

-Hey did you hear? The Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Did you go to the riotous Boston riot? If so, send us pics. I’m sure they’re tame compared to Vancouver (above). Just awesome. Someone took the liberty of doing this. We thank them.

-Check out Barstool Boston for comprehensive Vancouver riot footage. My personal favorite is the guy jumping on the burning car, falling, and then getting up like he didn’t just fall on the burning car. You find it yourself because I’m pretty sure there were 1,000 posts today.

-Okay, so hockey’s over. Basketball’s over. Red Sox? They won tonight. Who cares? Tennis? Matters to me, probably not to you. Cricket? You bet your ass.

-Amherst’s Kendra Stern ’11 was named the Division III Female Athlete of the Year. This year she was the ‘Cac and National Swimmer of the Year. She was undefeated on the year, 21-0, and got pimped out Sports Illustrated. Stern’s also nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. That’s pretty boss and more-than-pretty impressive.

But seriously, Amherst, cut it the fuck out. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

-And, of course, your daily rundown on the anti-Christ.

Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday.

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